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'Kindred spirits alone do not change with changing years'

~Nor are we ever truely alone or misguided~

Queen Lauren of the Island

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~My journal was originally inspired off of Anne Shirley from the Anne of Green Gables series which I love and find much comfort & tranquility in reading (Anne of the Island to me is the best volume). Even though my real name is Lauren I came pretty close to being called Anne, but that was given to my next born sister.

For certain reasons I wanted to note that it's not a Friends Only journal and that there are a few public entries with the more personal ones being hidden for my own protection. But I am very ready to welcome any new friends, so please just let me know! :D ~
*Love & Laughter, Lauren*

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LazyTown is Love!

my pet!
*giggles* he jumps for the biscuits and he's blue~ he's COLIN!

i'm in gryffindor!

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The WeatherPixie

"Life is rich and full here... everywhere... if we can only learn how to open our whole hearts to its richness and beauty."

"I think I understand what you mean," said Anne thoughtfully, "and I know I have so much to be thankful for... oh, so much... my work, and Paul Irving, and the dear twins, and all my friends. Do you know Mrs. Allan, I'm so thankful for friendship. It beautifies life so much."

"True friendship is a very helpful thing indeed," said Mrs. Allan, "and we should have a very high ideal of it, and never sully it by any failure in truth and sincerity. I fear the name of friendship is often degraded to a kind of intimacy that has nothing of real friendship in it."

"Yes... If we have friends we should look only for the best in them and give them the best that is in us, don't you think? Then friendship would be the most beautiful thing in the world."

"Friendship is very beautiful," smiled Mrs. Allan.
-Anne Shirley and Mrs Allan, Anne of the Island

Special picture thank yous to underwaterfairy for providing some madness
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